URDD PATAGONIA INTERNATIONAL PROJECT                                                         

ELIOTT DAVIES of Ger-y-Capel, Llangain, a Year 11 and GCSE pupil at Ysgol Bro Myrddin has been chosen as the only Youth Ambassador to represent the whole of Carmarthenshire in the volunteering project in Patagonia later this year.

During his time in Patagonia, Eliott will be involved with all sorts of voluntary activities including leading sessions with children and young people learning the Welsh language, visiting Patagonians of Welsh descent, working in schools, helping with community projects and representing Wales in the Patagonian Eisteddfod.                                            

Mr Davies will be taking part in all stages of the project, from planning and organising the visit, volunteering on different projects, to fund raising and ongoing communication with counterparts in Patagonia. Since he is fluent in Spanish and Welsh, his contribution to the visit will, therefore, be particularly useful in the communities in terms of communication and relationships.                                 

The project, however, comes at a cost and Eliott has to raise about £2,500 in order for the important exchange to happen and to benefit fully from the fantastic experience. Money raised will also help the Menter Patagonia project which supports and develops community work in the region.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Anyone willing to donate towards Eliott’s sponsorship to enable him to undertake this important project can contact him on his email address, namely, jead2003@icloud.com or indeed, at his home in Ger-y-Capel.

Unfortunately, due to the Pandemic, this project was cancelled altogether.