Sports & Recreation Committee

This association provides and manages recreational facilities in the village park situated behind the school.  It was formed in 1977 as a result of the success of Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee celebrations.  It incorporated arrangements for the Horticultural Show at the time but a separate committee was formed a year later specifically to arrange the show.

Since the new school had been built on the old school field it was necessary to make further arrangements for a new playing field.  This was done in conjunction with the Education Department of the Dyfed County Council and the Sports and Recreation Association on land purchased from Mr and Mrs Rhoslyn Morris of Beilisyfi, Llangain.

The playing fields were leased to Llangain Football Club, the tennis courts were leased to Llangain Tennis Club, and play equipment is provided for the use of the youth in the village.  Since the Millennium, the association has been active in raising funds in order to provide new, and update some of the existing play equipment.  To this end, an application to “Play Wales” was submitted which successfully resulted in a grant of £2,500.

A Skateboard Park has been built in memory of James Preece who tragically lost his life, aged 15, whilst cycling in the village in 2001. The funds were raised due to the generosity of the Queen Elizabeth Maridunum School, the family and friends of James Preece, the residents of Llangain and with the financial support of Mr Mark James, the Chief Executive of Carmarthenshire County Council.

The Committee is now seeking new members especially parents with young children in the village to join and enlarge the committee which has become depleted in numbers in recent years.  Stronger together in moving forward positively in the next decade!

Further information can be obtained from either the Chairperson, Helen Scott, 2 Coedmor Avenue (by the memorial hall), Llangain.  Tel :  07975  943  644.  Email : or the Secretary, Sian Williams, Clomendy, Llangain.  T :  241 300.    

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