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Llangain Village Carmarthenshire

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  • Community Council

    You may be aware that the Wales Government have passed a law which makes it illegal to hold Community Council meetings without Councillors or members of the public being able to be present, either by physical attendance or virtual attendance, by telephone contact or other means such as Zoom.

    In order to enable such requirements, any Councillor or member of the public wishing to be present at meetings and does not or cannot be physically present, please contact the new Clerk, Mrs Susan Holmes, Clomendy, either by telephone on 07384 399 930  or by email, namely, clerk@llangain.org in order that some other arrangements can be made to facilitate your attendance. 

    If you do not or cannot wish to make use of the above arrangements, and you have an issue or complaint that you wish to be discussed at Council meetings you are welcome to contact either the Clerk or a member of the Community Council.  After discussion at the meeting, the resolutions of the Council will be sent to you in writing if you so wish.

  • Post Office & Shop – Tuesday :  9.30am – 12.30pm.  Thursday :  9.30am – 12.30pm. Memorial Hall.  (Dean Thomas, Sub-Postmaster. Tel : 211 873).
  • Mobile Library  –  Thursday :  9.15am  –  11.15am.  Memorial Hall.

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